Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

So that's another year in the books. And looking back on it, it wasn't a bad year at all. If there was one real regret I had over the last year, it would have been not finishing up my comic for Yuri Monogatari 2, but that's something I'll correct for 2005.
2004 didn't start off too well, as Donna was horribly sick with the flu and we had to go the hospital so they could treat her, while I was more hungover than I can remember being in years. (Drinking a couple of bottles of champagne after drinking a lot of beer will do that to a person.) But, overall, I have nothing to complain about.
I've been trying to make up a list of ten things that stood out personally for me, but after thinking about it for a few days, I can't really recall anything more than the times I spent at Otakon and AnimeNEXT with Erica and Kun working for Yuricon. I'll see if I can think of anything else in the next week or so, but hopefully, this blog will serve as a reminder for me, since I tend to not let anything affect me too much and usually forget about it within a couple of days. So, my reflection on this year should be more comprehensive.
I'm very excited for 2005, as there are a couple of personal milestones that I'm looking forward to, like getting married. Yes, I'm excited about getting married, I didn't think I would be, but imagining all of our friends there, partying and carousing, makes me look forward to it, because it'll be a great time.
I'm also looking forward to Tokyo in April with the Yuricon crew. Again, the thought of spending time with good friends, even in a completely foreign country makes me excited. Especially, as we'll be in the country that has fascinated and captivated me since I was teenager. And hopefully will be the first of many visits.
Shortly, however, I shall be making perhaps the most significant change to my life, since puberty: licensed driving. I've written before about it, and I'm looking forward to mobility.
In anticipation of my debut in Yuri Monogatari 3 this year, I'll be looking to create a website to showcase my art, writings and music, so look forward to that. And I plan to keep using this blog for my amateur punditry, random observations, personal reflection and geek discourse.
And to all my friends, far and wide, new and old, I hope that this coming year finds you safe, prosperous and happy.


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