Monday, January 31, 2005

Weird Associations

So, it's winter and a sign of the season is the perennial sale of Girl Scout Cookies. Every year I buy a lot of boxes of Samoas, because they're awesome. And every year when I bring them home, I say something along of the lines of "I've got Girl Scout Cookies. Made with real Girl Scouts!"
This particular line had its origins in the Vampire LARP we used to play. Donna played a sociopathic looney and had the ingenious idea of selling Girl Scout cookies made with real Girl Scouts and feeding them to all the characters in the game. Besides vampires, this included humans and werewolves and other assorted supernatural creatures, most of whom tried to not harm humans. And wackiness ensued. As Jerry Blank says wistfully, "Good times." (Though, admittedly, this really only makes sense if you've played the game, but trust me, it's funny in a very, very wrong way.)
So that's my weird association, whenever someone says "Girl Scout Cookies" I'll always think "Made with real Girl Scouts."


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