Friday, October 15, 2004

Allan's Jacket at Matty's tonight

So my band, Allan's Jacket, will be playing at Matty's tonight I'm not sure of the starting time, I think they want us to go on a 9:30pm instead of our usual 10pm time. Check out the Calendar section, and click on the "Matty's Place" link for address.
I'll be playing tonight with a different amp, as I shipped mine off to California this week, to upgrade to a new one. Seemed like a good deal, $250 to get the latest and greatest. Anyway, I've got to pick up my rental amp this afternoon. I'm sure this amp will be less powerful, than mine, (200-300 watts) instead of my beefy 600W amp, but that should be OK, as Matty's is a small place and we're supposed to keep the volume low. So I probably won't be overdriving my Hartke 4X10 cabinet tonight. Hope to see some people out there tonight, though that's probably not likely, as I'm still beta-testing this blog and still haven't told more than two people about it.


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