Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Hockey Gods Are Angry

Annoyed that the NHL and NHLPA aren't even trying to resolve their dispute, the Hockey Gods have apparently found other outlets to express their displeasure. A week ago Sunday there was this, and then Friday night, there was this in Detroit, and yesterday the madness spread to South Carolina where we got this. Clearly, the message is "Get back to playing hockey, dumbasses, where fighting belongs." ;)
Seriously though, this is just crazy. I know tempers flare in competitive sports at any level, it would often get heated when I played street hockey with just my friends, that's part of the game, but it never leaves the field, and should never leave the field. I don't understand how a professional basketball player could even think of attacking fans, whether it's his own or the opposing teams. Fans are the reason those guys get obscenely huge contracts to play half-assed ball.
Fortunately, the NBA took a step in the right direction with their suspensions of the players involved, though I think guys like Ron Artest should get a Marty McSorley punishment and be banned from the sport permanently. And I hope the fans that were hurt sue him, and separate him from his assets, because really, that's the only way to talk to guys sometimes.
I'm, at least, grateful that it wasn't Philadelphia fans that were involved in any way with these incidents. That's one reputation for Philadelphia, I'd gladly give to Detroit. Though, everyone should be grateful nobody got hurt, can you imagine if something like this happened in Detroit or South Carolina.


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