Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Thrill of Victory

So after all the doom and gloom of the prior week and the disheartening loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Eagles got a chance for redemption in the national spotlight on Monday Night Football against the hated Dallas Cowboys. There is no other team in any professional sport that engenders such loathing and festering revulsion as the Cowboys engender in Philadelphians. It's a Montague/Capulets or Hatfield/McCoy kinda hate, though mostly it's been one sided for many years.
I'm not really sure why or how it started historically, all I know is that when I started to get into football, I've always hated the Cowboys. For a lot of Philadelphians, it's a birthright of sorts. You're born, you learn to walk, learn to talk, and finally you can express your hate for the Cowboys you've known since you were pulled from your mother's womb.
This kind of spanking though, you just don't forget, especially when T.O. does this.That's the kind of thing that makes the other team's fan hate you. And finally, now, Cowboy fans can share in the deep hate we have for them. For Eagles fan there is no better salve for whatever ails you than a thorough, and historical, spanking of the Cowboys.
And now all's pretty well in Iggles land again, for the most part.


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