Monday, November 08, 2004

Day Shall Dawn Again

There was a palatable sense of dread and fear you felt permeating the city of Philadelphia and it's neighboring suburbs today, the sting of a loss so brutal and so thorough that it will take some years to recover. It was a punched you in the gut, bloodied your nose, threw you to the ground, rubbed your face in the dirt, stole your shoes and your best girl kind of loss. No, I'm not talking about the Presidental election, that was sooo last week, but something far, far more important to Philadelphians: the Eagles finally lost their first game this year 27-3 to cross-state rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. And such a devastating loss has created doubt in Eagles fandom, which is to say the vast majority of the Delaware Valley, where there was cocksure confidence before. So tortured and fragile is our psyche that after such a loss, the first of the year, people, all one hears now are the portents of doom and the "why me?" cries of yet another journey short of the Promised Land. Such is life in Eagles country, and I for one devoutly hope that like Red Sox before them, the Eagles finally get this damned monkey off their back.


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