Monday, December 20, 2004

The Other Shoe Drops

Yesterday, around 3pm there was an audible gasp across the entire Delaware Valley, as T.O. limped off the football field. Today, there is no joy in Hoo-, er Philadelphia, as we learn that there will probably be no T.O. until, and if, we make it to Jacksonville.
No, the joy and elation we should have felt at this team notching another historic first in this, it's dream season, a franchise record 13th win, securing home field advantage throughout the playoffs for a 3rd straight year, and rendering these final two games essentially meaningless, has been replaced by a shroud of uncertainity and fear that despite obvious and glaring differences this team will end it's season exactly like the last 3 years: a loss in the NFC conference champsionship game.
But, it's typically Philadelphia that we would think this way. Unlike the 2004 Eagles, we are still not used to winning, and we seek the reaffirmation of our fears and our losing status in the most innocuous news and certainly in this, a worst case scenario.
But, These Eagles are resilient, I don't think the 2001, 2002, or 2003 Eagles would have ever been capable of the 13-1 season to date as these 2004 Eagles. No, those other teams would have lost yesterday, lost last weekend at Washington, lost at Cleveland, and potentially have lost any other really close game this season.
I imagine Coach Reid, now that he knows he'll be without T.O. for a good stretch will and find ways around it in the next two games. And, these Eagles are not going to roll over just because they supposedly have nothing else to play for. No, this team is just so used winning, that I don't think they'll let themselves lose again, if they can help it at all.
It's really an inspiring thing to watch as this team continually and regularly finds a way to win. It's the kind of performance that makes believers out of skeptics and apostles out of believers. And really, I hope it never ends, except with a W.


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