Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Uh, Maybe This Wasn't Such A Good Idea

So nearly 6 weeks after they initially proposed this rule change, which I wrote about here,the House Republicans have decided to reverse themselves and let the ethics rule stands. Though from reading the article, it seems their interest is not reforming the ethics rules of conduct, but protecting Tom Delay, in the the least controversial way possible.
I'm still amazed at this man's hubris, listen to this:
Jonathan Grella, a spokesman for DeLay, said the majority leader continued to believe that it was legitimate to allow a House leader to retain his post while under indictment. But Grella said that by reinstating the rule that could require him to step aside, DeLay was ''denying the Democrats their lone issue. Anything that could undermine our agenda needs to be nipped in the bud."
Clearly, DeLay is drunk on power, and doesn't seem to grasp how his spokesman has clearly demonstrated how unethical he is. If he can't fathom why, regardless of guilt or innocence, he should step down if he is indicted, then he really needs to learn the lesson in a harsh way.


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