Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hot Coffee In A Can!!!

There was a lot of stress in March for me, between new daily crises at work, and all the commitments I've made for my spare time: comic, band, wedding, the Donna. But the one thing that kept me going was my battle cry: "Hot Coffee In A Can!" It instantly put a smile on my face, and whatever was bothering me at the moment, just wasn't that big a deal anymore.
For those of you wondering, "Hot Coffe In A Can!" refers to the cans of hot coffee you can get in vending machines in Japan. Which is where I will be heading in less than 8 days now.
I'm practically percolating with excitement about this trip. I've always wanted to go to Japan, since I was boy and fascinated by ninjas and samurai and geisha and miko and anime, and I'll be there finally, in about a week. And we'll be living it up while we're over there too.
Our last vacation was a week in Jamaica in the off-season and totaled about $1500 for the week, and Donna paid the lion's share of that, if I recall correctly. This vacation is longer, 10 days in Japan, 15 days away from work, and more expensive, after all is said and done nearly 4 times the cost of Jamaica, and I'm paying for all of it. I don't think I can really express how pleased I am to be able to say that. Here I am, finally, at a point in my life where I can afford to do the things I want to do, and not have to starve myself to get it. Feels good.
Anyway, we're staying at the Crowne Metropolitan in Ikebukuro, in a room with a King Bed and heated toilets. Ah, smell the decadence.
Seeing that I will be flush with cash, I will be taking requests, within reason, so if there's something you want shoot me an email, and I'll put in on my list.
We'll be taking our digital camera with the new 512 SD card I bought for it, so I'll be forcing myself to take lots of pictures, since I'm used to film cameras, and trying to get a good, artistic, interesting shot. Since I'll be on vacation, I promise to update more frequently with pictures to boot.
God, I can't wait.


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