Friday, April 15, 2005

Nakano/Akihabara/Shinjuku 4/15/2005

Went to bed at 12:30am and woke up at 7:30 am. Again another gorgeous day here in Tokyo.
Today is pretty simple. The only thing we have planned is a return trip to Nakano branch of Mandarake. So off we go, with the regular crew, plus a few from the list. We get there and it's pretty much we're left to our own devices. We stop at an arcade first as Donna gets jonesing for some action. And then, we're off to buy her shoes, then we hit the Mandarake, buy a few things, have lunch at the Lotteria. (Japanese Fast food.) I have this barbecue pork burger, Kelli has a fish and shrimp burger, and Donna has something we're not sure of. Kelli hates shrimp, so she gives me her sandwich and decides to get what Donna's having, and then we decide that we should go to Akihabara, the electronic capital of the world.
It's a stop on the Yamanote line so it was pretty easy to navigate.
Akihabara was crazy crowded, lots of foreigners and lots of duty free shops. Unfortunately, we only had an hour, as we were supposed to meet Erica and Pattie back at the hotel for the Yuricon staff dinner.
Donna found this electrical back massager and Kelli helped her find a hentai game that actually had some gameplay, instead of basically being an overblown Powerpoint presentation like most H-games. And yes, Kelli and Donna were the only women in the hentai game section.
After that we headed back to the hotel, to head out to the Shinjuku Niichome and the Cafe Cocolo where we have our reservations. There we meet Emi, Takami, Trevor, Ivy, Katherine, Dillon and the other Japan-side staffers that helped put Yuricon 2005 in Tokyo together, and we had a grand old time of eating and drinking and telling stories, until the restaurant kicked us out at 9pm to make way for another group.
Not a lot of pictures today, at leas not compared to yesterday, but be sure to check them out here.
So, tomorrow is the big event, and I mean big in a significant, potentially historical kind of way. In the footnotes section of the history books, anyway, not the main pages, at least not yet. Check out Erica's blog for the why's and wherefore's. My job at Yuricon is a very simple one. I lift stuff, squish bugs, and generally look intimidating upon command. Tomorrow I'm working the door, and carrying Erica's 70 pound bag full of stuff. Donna's job is to be the Yuricon booth babe, meaning all she has to do is look cute. Which is really easy for her. ;)
So, yes, this is why we flew halfway around the world for. More on this big day tomorrow. Now it's time for sleep.


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