Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We're gonna party like it's 1005

It's safe to say that Pope Benedict the 16th is a fundamentalist. It's clear from his writing and his comments about a great number of things, that he's clearly thinking its some other time than 2005. I mean, if he thinks Harry Potter poses a threat to your immortal soul, then clearly he's living and thinking it's a different time.
Now I'm not a theologian, (but I play one on TV), but it seems to me that Fundamentalism of any sort, in inherently unnatural for humans. Why? Well, it seems simple to me, Humans experience time in linear fashion ever moving forward. I will be unable to re-experience anything that happened from a second ago. Anything or anyone that attempts to relive or re-experience anything from the past is going against the natural order of things. It's over and done with, and we all have to move on and figure out something else.
The very basic thing I was able to glean from the grotesquely obtuse Foucault's the Order of Things is that, like Jung's collective unconscious, humanity has a collective cognition of sorts. As smart people come up with new ideas on how to look at the world around us, the rest of us slowly pick up on these thing and leave the old ideas behind.
Which is one of the reasons why none of the major religions sacrifice animals or people anymore, although you could probably make a case for fundamental Islam, or Islamism.
Anyway, just some basic thoughts on the new Pope's ass-backwardness.


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