Sunday, October 17, 2004

You Missed A Damn Good Show

Friday night at Matty's Place was the best show we've done in a while. The crowd was really into us and we were really into the crowd. Very few mistakes on our part, got girls up and dancing, and that's our bottom line. ;) All around a good show. I'm still getting used to the volume pedal function on my effects processor. Shawn kept hitting it, since we were cramped together, but other than those times, it wasn't the technical fiasco that the Top Five was last week. We had Shawn's friend Chuck make our set lists, and they were pretty spot on. Fun to play, and the crowd dug it. It's nights like Matty's that remind me why I like playing in front of an audience.
Also, there was a good turnout of hot ladies, which is always a plus. Rachel turned up for her first show in a couple of months and I like having her there, because she's someone I play my "rockstar" silliness to, and her reactions keep me going. Her friend Lauren was also fun. ;) Personal groupies have still been elusive, however, and that's probably due to my patented "taken vibe" as Rachel calls it. Ah well, not like I have any use for groupies other than to satisfy my vanity and ego.
Matty's is a good spot, even though it's small, if we keep getting crowds like that, I won't mind playing there every month.


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