Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Don't Believe The Hype

One of the big memes to come out of 2004 is that the country is undergoing some sort of social conservative revolution, and that they are sick and tired of all the filth that spews out of the liberal Hollywood Media. Just like the "Values" meme that was propogated after the 2004 election, the campaign against indeceny being waged by the FCC after a record number of complaints, appears to be the work of a technologically savvy minority, and not a backlash of Red State Heartlanders. Using Freedom Of Information Act requests Jeff Jarvis has been following this story for a bit. It's become his cause celebré and if Fox gets its day in court, it could change how FCC operates. He's written extensively about this so be sure to read the entire thing.
So if you've been wondering who's been complaining about what you see on TV, the answer is 3 people with a form letter or email. So now you know.


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