Friday, November 26, 2004

Young, Dumb And Full of . . . .

Wednesday night the band played the Top 5 Bar and Grill on Haverford and City Line Avenue and we had the largest crowd there in the 3 times we've played that location. But, honestly that place with the tables cleared out could have easily fit twice as many people without being too crowded. What was surprising was the amount of young people in attendance, fresh faced young boys and girls whose only pursuits that night were pure bacchanalian pleasure, and whose clothes were more appropos to such Dionysian locales like Olde City or Delaware Avenue than Bala Cynwyd.
Still, far be it for me to complain about the plethora of hot young ass parading before me, I just found it odd that they enjoyed us as much as the older crowd does. Maybe, we'll be all right in the big clubs after all. Though, it became crystal clear that Shawn was on the right track about set list.
Monday, I should have some photos of the Halloween show and the one after to post, so look forward to that.

*****Update***** I was going to make the line about Shawn and the set list clearer, as one of my nameless readers expressed confusion about my point, but I don't think I could make it more clear than saying he's on the right track and we should have more newer songs in the set. So there, pay closer attention. ;)


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