Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mix Bag

It's been a long time since I last posted so here are some thoughts on things that have happened in the recent past. More recent stuff to follow.

London Bombing: Feel free to disagree, but anyone who still thinks that Islamism is not a threat to our way of life is, at best, naive. Diplomacy and negotiations only work when the other side desires peace. Islamists don't desire peace, they desire control. The same old totalitarianism and fascism under a new guise. Just because you think that by understanding them, and where their hatred stems from, you can address some of their grievances, doesn't mean they won't kill you if given the chance. My biggest complaint, however, is how the current administration has squandered and blundered their way since 9/11, stubbornly refusing to admit mistakes and making things harder than they really need to be. I agree with the ends, but totally disagree on the means.

Supreme Court: Oh boy. Sandra Day O'Connor retires after a curious end of term that saw them make a really misguided judgement. Does anyone really think that Court ruled correctly on eminent domain this past term? And Rehnquist is still ailing, and probably should retire. And Bush is still saying he wants to appoint a strict constructionist to the court, though I think he really wants a conservative, like Scalia or Thomas. If Rehnquist retires, he might get one, and I'd be fine with that, so long as he appoints a moderate as well. But, I'm guessing the potential hearings will be contentious regardless. The conservative leadership is just salivating at the prospect of putting someone on the court who overturn Roe v. Wade. Though, I'm hoping that whoever they appoint turns out to be less conservative than they thought. Anyway, I'd say stay tuned for the relentless media assault, but since I'm sure the MSM will regard the hearings as less interesting than an eccentric, hasbeen, pedophile celebrity being sued by a sleazy, opportunistic family, we won't get the media onslaught.

Karl Rove and Valerie Plame: I'm interested to see if they manage to make anything stick to Teflon Karl. Though, judging by this, Bush might be willing to sacrifice Karl, since he's already done his job for Bush, getting him re-elected, though I'm sure Bush will honor Karl somehow for "his years of dedicated service to the country." We'll see.

Rick Santorum is still an ass, and I can't wait for Nov. '06 to vote out that self-righteous, fundamentalist prick. Hopefully, this will be Rick's ultimate legacy. Is that wrong? ;)

Michael Jackson trial : Why was this news again? Oh, right, because he was famous once upon a time. I guess the need to fill air time is and make sure the bottom line is black is the reason we are inundated with the inane ramblings and foibles of an entire class of people who believe their voice carries weight because they are paid inordinate amounts of money to sing, dance, act or play a sport.

Judge Roberts: It's early still, but juding from the political spam I'm getting from the right and the left urging me to tell my Senators to block this nomination, means that George might have actually picked a reasonable man for the Court. Which is certainly not a bad thing, the fact that so many on the left and right are upset that Judge Roberts might actually take the time to weigh and seriously consider the issues brought before him in the role as a Supreme Court justice tells me his vote, while I may or may not agree, will have been arrived at in a reasoned manner. And that's all I really hope for in a SCOTUS Justice, someone who takes the weight of the office seriously and carefully measures and reasons for justice. Most of the times I think the Rehnquist Court has made decent decisions, most of the time. I still don't know where that imminent domain ruling came from. Hopefully, a later court will reverse that decision.


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