Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Buy This!

So, if you'll recall way back in May I finished the art for my first comic. Well, this past weekend at Onna!, the convention that I was helping to run, (I might post about that later.) it finally saw the light of day.
So, after 5 months of not looking at the art or the story, all I really see now are all the mistakes, compromises and shortcuts I had to make, because I didn't manage my time well, or understand the difficulties of this particular art form. Yes, basically, I don't like it anymore, because I think I can do better. It's cliche, but healthy I think for any artist. If I ever reach the point where I think I can't do better, I should probably stop.
Of course, it makes it really weird when people ask me to autograph it, when I'm not really happy with it anymore. Well, that and the fact that people are asking me for my autograph, when I'm not really famous.
Anyway, I encourage you to purchase a copy, not because I get any money for it, I don't, but because by paying for it, you're supporting a small independent publisher, a friend of mine, and a cause near and dear to my heart.
You can purchase directly from the Yuricon site, or you can get it at your local comic shop. If they're not carrying it, have them order through Previews, should be in the latest one. And in January you'll be able to order it through Amazon or your local bookstore.
Here's the ISBN number which should make the ordering process easier: ISBN: 0-9759160-3-3
Oh, one last thing, the book is for sale only for those 18 and older, because, you know, people under 18 can't handle any kind of sexuality and must be protected from it.

I'm Not Wild About Harriet

Clearly, the nomination of Harriet Miers is a turning point downward for this Presidency. The President insists she the best person qualified for the job, when given the list of sitting Federal judges he passed on, clearly she is not. I'd really like to know what world the President is living in, that he thinks a lawyer with no practical or theoretical experience with constitutional law is eminently more qualified than several sitting federal judges. Hell, if that's the case, you might as well nominate me, especially as I've actually debated and written about constitutional issues before, I'm no expert, but that doesn't matter now does it?
And no it doesn't reassure me at all when James Dobson says "it's OK, I like her." That right there is enough for me to vote against her if I were a sitting Senator. But, W adds more when he notes that her religion is part of what he believes qualifies her for the position.
For a more in depth analysis of why Miers is a wholly uninspired and even dangerous choice, read Andrew. I understand Specter is being cautious and trying to keep the process going, but believe you me, I'll be writing to both my Senators urging them to reject the nomination of Harriet Miers primarily to tell this President that you will not reward cronies with important positions in government.